Welcome to Mercado Boricua's Blog news

Welcome to Mercado Boricua's Blog


Welcome to Mercado Boricua! In this virtual space we unite the Boricua community with a single intention, to share what inspires and excites us about our island, in the eyes and hearts of our beloved people.

In this first meeting, we want to tell you a little about what you can find here.

Our Blog is a meeting point for you to learn more about the Artists and Craftsmen who are part of our community. We will share featured products that you can find on our home page as well as articles and ideas on how to use and care for your favorite products.

We will document our favorite routes to search and find the "spots" that inspire us and those that we still have to discover. And like all good Puerto Ricans, we love to eat so here we will share the recipes and restaurants that we love. Together we will discover the wonders of being called children of Borikén.

Sign up for this trip and enjoy! A cultural self-management project in which we work with great effort and love for the enjoyment of the Puerto Ricans of "A verdura".

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  • Asombroso, man!!! Esta página y tu proyecto están de para pelos!!! Felicidades y continua con este proyecto tan especial! Los amo!

    Ricardo Mayol

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