Consejos para el cuidado de la piel con acné

Tips for acne skin care

It is always important to remember that the skin is the largest organ in the entire body and really the only one that is always exposed to contact with the outside and its polluting agents.

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget this in our day to day and not taking care of our skin as we should can cause acne. That is why its care is extremely important. But, we must also do it the right way.

Here are some practical tips that will surely make your skin care routine very simple and, above all, effective. Do not miss it!

How to take care of your skin

As you well know, one of the main problems that can affect our skin is acne. And, unfortunately, acne is not something that occurs only in adolescence. So, if you suffer from acne, your skin care must be very rigorous.

One of the most important things when acne is present in your life is daily care. So, washing with a quality soap with excellent properties will help you strengthen your skin and remove impurities.

Below, we show you some of the options you have on the market that offer you the care and protection you need.

man with acne

handmade sulfur soap

Traditionally this soap has always been used as an antiseptic soap. However, it is also very effective against acne. It is a soap specially formulated for excessively oily skin that tends to get infected easily.

It is worth mentioning that it also contains salicylic acid, which is used to remove the scales produced by psoriasis. One of its best features is its softness, which makes it a perfect soap for use on the face.

Handmade activated carbon soap

This is considered one of the best skin care bar soaps out there. Today activated charcoal is one of the most popular compounds due to all the benefits it has, especially for the skin.

Among its properties we find that it absorbs excess oils and extracts toxins found in the skin. On the other hand, shea butter is added to achieve good hydration and thus naturally illuminate the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, whether dry or oily. You can perform a deep clean to unclog pores and remove any dirt. When applying it you should gently exfoliate to remove dead cells.

Handmade tea tree and aloe soap

If you are looking for a soap with healing properties, this is the one for you. It is classified as a first aid soap for the skin, as it contains all the wonderful properties of aloe vera together with the medicinal properties of the tea tree.

Australian Tea Tree Essence is commonly used in oils and is ideal for treating skin damage caused by acne and itching. In addition, it is an excellent antiseptic and antibacterial. So, as you can see, there are many benefits that you can get with the use of this soap.

handmade neem soap

Neem oil is used to improve, protect and repair the skin. This is due to its high concentration of polysaccharides that manage to reduce the damage caused by daily wear and tear on the dermis. With this soap you can take advantage of all these benefits.

But it is also that it is an excellent moisturizer for the face, since it restores the flexibility of the skin and promotes the synthesis of collagen. It is a great natural remedy that helps reduce problems such as acne, excess oil, and psoriasis and even helps soothe irritated skin.

Another of its properties is that it has components that prevent fungal infections. So it is very effective against skin patches, nail fungus and the well-known athlete's foot.

kojic handmade soap

The kojic acid used to make this soap is a chemical that is mainly derived from fungi and obtained through the process of fermenting rice.

In most cases, this is used to remove spots, as it has the ability to completely penetrate the layers of the skin and stop the production of melanin. Likewise, it is ideal to prevent the appearance of acne, also eliminating any impurity.

Woman washing her face

daily skin care 

It is important to know that acne occurs when pores become blocked on the surface of the skin. In most cases it develops more easily due to the natural oils produced by the skin itself and the dead cells that are discarded from inside the pore. And of course also for the products that we apply to it.

Likewise, acne can also be triggered by sweat, humidity, anxiety, changes in hormones or in response to certain medications. In recent years there has been an outbreak of acne caused by the use of masks, even in people who have never suffered from it. Therefore, it is a fairly common skin condition, it is best that you try to avoid each of these factors if possible.

However, we must bear in mind that anyone can present acne at any given time and that this is a problem that can be cured. So don't worry! You just have to have proper maintenance and care.

Among these daily care is recommended…

  • Wash frequently. And for this it is best to use soaps with beneficial properties such as those mentioned above. It is also important that the chosen product suits your skin type and needs.
  • Wash at least once or twice a day in a delicate and subtle way , avoiding sudden movements so as not to mistreat the skin. You should also avoid as much as possible rubbing your face with products such as alcohol or a toner that dries out the skin excessively.
  • If one of your habits is to squeeze your face to pop the pimples that come from acne, don't do it anymore. Every time you pop a pimple, you remove that infected matter causing more inflammation and redness in the area.

The skin is really the most visible reflection of what happens in our body. Healthy skin entails much more than good-looking skin. So always try to make your skin look radiant, taking care of it correctly to prevent acne from reappearing.

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