Reportaje Telemundo: Pareja de puertorriqueños aprovecha su talento y crea el “Mercado Boricua”

Telemundo Report: Puerto Rican Couple Takes Advantage of Their Talent and Creates the “Mercado Boricua”

On June 29, 2021, we received a pleasant visit from the reporter Glorinel Soto together with the cameraman Angel Semidey where they interviewed us and there we told part of our story... But first, while we show you the photos from the day of recording, let us tell you why this interview was so important to us.

How did Mercado Boricua come about?

Welcome to Boricua Market

Adversity knocks on the door.

For those who do not know our history; After the passage of Hurricane María in 2017 and due to the difficult situation and the lack of work, after several months, like many other Boricuas, we made the difficult decision to leave our beloved island and venture on a journey that would make us grow. a lot and it would give us the necessary impetus to develop the project that we have been dreaming of for years. During that time we experienced firsthand nostalgia and the feeling of missing the country that saw us grow.

Glorinel soto in Boricua Market

We return home with renewed strength.

After exactly one year and ten days we concluded that it was time to return and get down to work. On December 10, 2019, we returned renewed and with more desire than ever to "take it out" and we began to work on our project while attending Fairs and Craft Festivals around the island full time. Between workshop, production, assembly and disassembly, Mercado Boricua was born.

Handmade ceramic pots in the Mercado Boricua store

2020 comes with great challenges and opportunities.

In the middle of the "life of artisans" 2020 surprises us, tremors, cancellations of activities, and a pandemic that none of us expected. What many saw as a crisis, we saw as the opportunity given to us by all the time in the world to develop Mercado Boricua full time and during the era of masks, cleaners and sanitizers, we materialized what we had talked about for a long time and officially we launched Mercado Boricua.

Cameraman Angel Semidey talking with the co-founder of Mercado Boricua Joaquin Rodriguez

A new chapter begins.

Fast forward a year and several months and we received an approach from the Telemundo team to present our story in their segment "Me Reinvento"

Alys Colon and Joaquin Rodriguez, Co-founders of Mercado Boricua together with reporter Glorinel Soto and cameraman Angel Semidey, during the interview for Telemundo

On June 29, 2021, we received a pleasant visit from the reporter Glorinel Soto together with the cameraman Angel Semidey where they interviewed us and there we told part of our story.

On July 24, 2021 at 5:32 in the afternoon when we were about to close our store in Caguas, we received a call from a lady very interested in visiting us and at that moment she gave us the news that she saw us on TV. It was at that moment that we found out that the report went on the air. Yes, we missed our own report... but thanks to technology we were able to see the wonderful work of Glorinel Soto and Angel Semidey in a 2-minute video in which thousands of people were presented with the beginning of our dream come true.

Reporter Glorinel Soto and cameraman Angel Semidey at Mercado Boricua in Caguas

If like us, you missed the live segment, here you can see the recording of the segment that aired on Telemundo Puerto Rico. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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