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T-shirt - Semi Borikén

T-shirt - Semi Borikén

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T-shirt for adults with a design inspired by the Taíno symbols of our Puerto Rican culture. Its style and its meaning will be enough reasons for this to be one of your favorite t-shirts.

Comfortable regular fit. Made of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester which makes it a comfortable piece and prevents it from shrinking when washing.

Regular washing, water to the climate and you can tumble dry on low temperature. < / p>

About Design:

Illustration inspired by some of the most important Taino petroglyphs in our culture. These are the Yaboa Real, Atabey, Sol de Jayuya and the Cemi de Lluvia. This illustration was done in pointillism directly on the acetate material that we use for screen printing development.

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