Flor Cobre

Pantallas en Filigrana y Piedra Semipreciosa | Turquesa | Cobre | Erizo | Flor Cobre

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These beautiful earrings are made entirely by hand using the filigree technique. Creating each component of the piece with copper wire. Hedgehog spines and a beautiful Turquoise stone stand out.

Many ancient cultures have used turquoise not only as an ornamental stone but also as an amulet. The Arabs and Turks considered Turquoise or"Turkish Stone"to bring good luck and it is said that Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama wore turquoise on their travels so that they could succeed in their undertakings.

This pair of earrings are unique and unrepeatable pieces, which makes them an excellent gift for any occasion.

They are ready to ship. You will receive exactly the piece presented in the photo.

About the technique:

Filigree is a technique, used in handmade jewelry; which consists of filling with very fine metal threads, generally gold or silver, hollow shapes or figures previously made by the craftsman; that make up complex pieces of jewelry; forming a lace-like pattern. It is a fine and delicate process, a single piece can take weeks or months to make.

As a quality to be highlighted, the filigree jewel is a light piece par excellence. The delicate designs make ornamentation a laborious art. Various forms of wire can be found in the filigree technique such as:round, flat, twisted, spiral, drop-shaped, wrapped and woven. If desired, almost all of these shapes can be hammer flattened or passed through a rolling mill. The size of the wire depends on the degree of coarseness or fineness of the filigree that is desired, depending on the work.