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Body Butter - Extra hydrating lotion for hands, elbows and feet

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Our "Body Butter" wastes no time. We have prepared a rich recipe packed with nutrients that provide all-day hydration for very dry skin. Our Body Butter is a creamy, conditioning blend of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Squalane, and Vitamin E that give stressed skin the hydration it craves.

A powerful injection of Vitamin E helps heal dry, chapped skin, while Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Olive Oil Squalane help revive, brighten, and leave skin feeling happy. Perfect for hydrating dry skin on the hands, elbows and feet.

*Squalane is derived from olive oil and is a great moisturizer that penetrates the skin. It can help smooth dry and rough skin.

4 oz plastic jar.