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Collagen Kit | Smooth and smooth skin | Natural product

Collagen Kit | Smooth and smooth skin | Natural product

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The Collagen Kit INCLUDES:
x4 Bar Soaps 4 oz.
x1 Collagen Cream 1 oz.
  • One of the main characteristics of these products is their ability to soften and moisturize the skin . This is achieved thanks to the fact that it has natural ingredients such as collagen, Vitamin E and silk whose function is to soften lines of expression and provide elasticity to the skin. :

    • Excellent for facial skin due to its ability to really penetrate the skin layers and deeply hydrate.
    • Free of fragrances and dyes.
  • 4.0 oz bar size approx.

Next, we will give you some tips that will help you use the product correctly.

Start integrating it into your skincare routine.

During the day

Every morning , after facial cleansing with collagen soap, apply your collagen cream. to prepare the skin. In this way, its nutrients penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and its effect will last longer. As it is not photosensitive, it is safe to apply during the day as it will not cause spots on the skin.


At night , the process is similar but with some nuances. Once you have removed your make-up correctly and let your skin rest. Then apply a light layer of your collagen cream. This way you will help cell regeneration at night and you will wake up with a rested face day after day.

To provide greater benefits to your skin, it is ideal to use collagen soap to cleanse the face and then apply the cream as previously indicated.

Monitor the condition of your skin and adjust the frequency as needed.

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