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Taíno Coquí Symbol Graphic T-shirt

Taíno Coquí Symbol Graphic T-shirt

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T-shirt for adults with a design inspired by the Taíno Symbol of Coquí of our Puerto Rican culture. Its style, design and meaning will be enough reasons for this to be one of your favorite garments. Without a doubt, a perfect piece for your Puerto Rico t-shirt collection. We all love t-shirts and we collect them.

The t-shirt has a regular fit. The material of the shirt is 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester which makes it a comfortable piece and prevents it from shrinking when washing it. The washing can be regular, water to the climate and the simple washing, you can dry in the dryer at low temperature.

About the Design:

The illustration It is inspired by the Taíno petroglyph that we popularly know by "Coquí Taíno". This is one of our favorite Taino symbols. This is a representation of the Coquí; Eleutherodactylus Portoricensis, the mountain coqui, is a species of frog native to Puerto Rico belonging to the Eleutherodactylidae family.

Petroglyphs are symbolic designs engraved on rocks, made by wearing down their surface layer, creating anthropomorphic figures. Many were made by men of the Neolithic period. They are the closest antecedent of the symbols prior to writing and for us it is one of our most precious treasures that we preserve of our Taino culture.

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