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Flore.C creates handmade jewelry inspired by nature. Created with resin, pressed botanical elements and a lot of love.

Since no two flowers are the same, no two pieces are identical! You will be wearing a unique piece of nature, something truly unique and handmade with love.

Materials: Pressed Flowers, Resin, Components in Stainless steel

Note: The color of the flowers may differ slightly from the photo


  • The resin is waterproof, but avoid contact with water, remove it when cleaning, swimming or showering.

  • Store your jewelry in a dark, dry place and keep it out of direct sunlight.

  • Clean and polish your jewelry with a soft cotton or flannel cloth.

  • All pressed flowers change over time. The press and preservation methods really make the color last a while. As long as you store them away from direct light, the colors will last for many years.

Made in Caguas, Puerto Rico