Artesanías Tany

Handcrafted Pylon and Pot in Guayacán Wood - For Herbs

Artesanías Tany
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Wooden mortar with pot, kitchen utensil, kitchen tool, spice crusher, pylon handmade in Puerto Rico.

Made of wood, it adds an elegant touch to any kitchen. Proudly display your natural wood pylon and planter set when not in use!

Easily crush garlic, ginger, herbs, spices; so you can get the freshest flavors in your kitchen.

Made from genuine natural wood, it has a great feel and effectively taps your spices, nuts, herbs and more into a very fine powder or paste.

It is sturdy with a smooth surface to give it the necessary texture. Just apply firm pressure with the mortar and your job is done.

Ideal size for making mofongos and Creole recipes. Expand the flavors in your kitchen by experimenting with spices, herbs and new ingredients.

CONVENIENT GRIP POT:The mortar has the perfect smoothness, is designed to grip firmly, and has a strong, wide tip so you can crush garlic, spices, nuts, ginger, seeds, or any other herb conveniently.

AN EXCEPTIONAL WORK OF ART:Each Pylon and pot is made by hand in Guayanilla Puerto Rico.

The dimensions are:

Height 2-3.75"/ Diameter 2-2.25"