7 Beneficios del  Jabón de Barra Artesanal

7 Benefits of Handmade Soap Bars

7 Benefits - Handmade bar soap

Natural Soap vsCommercial Soap

We all know that the main function of soap is hygiene in our body.We know that hygiene is synonymous with health and health is synonymous with quality of lifeSurely you will have lost count of how many bars of soap you have used in your life and how many liquid soaps you have usedIf there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that soap is important and essential for our life and health.

Now, you have wondered if the commercial soap you buy in the pharmacy or in the supermarket, that you have possibly used for much of your life, is healthy and suitable for your skin or if it would be better to use a natural soap made from free natural products of chemicals and preservatives that could be harmful to your skinIf you have ever asked yourself this simple question, we invite you to know what are the fundamental benefits of a natural soap and some differences that make it a safer product than a commercial soap.

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What are the Benefits of Natural Soap?

We could say that the fundamental benefit of Natural Soap is that they are free of preservatives and chemicals that are harmful to your skin since they are made from non-toxic natural ingredients .

Now, let's explore the Benefits of Natural Handmade Bar Soap.

Soap ingredients

  1. They preserve natural oils.

A natural handmade soap is made from organic or natural fats like plant butters or vegetable oils that go through a saponification processInstead, commercial bars are detergents in disguiseLavaza and bubbles are produced by sulfates that are chemical products derived from petroleumThey dry the skin and disturb the natural balance of the protective properties of the skin.

Natural oils such as olive, coconut, soy and palm oils are beneficial for the skin, as they help protect it and maintain the moisture balance necessary to maintain body temperature and hydration levels.

Due to over-processing of commercial soaps, the benefits of natural oils are hardly preservedHowever, handmade soaps retain the benefits of the oils and in the final product.

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2They offer better hydration

Hydrated skin is synonymous with good health and physical conditionSkin hydration is very important because it helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and the health of your body.

The blend of plant-based oils provide the skin with nutrients necessary for better hydration and health of your skin without sacrificing abundant foam and a silky finish.

Unlike the unpronounceable chemicals added in the manufacture of commercial soaps, handmade soaps are made with care, using natural ingredients like goat's milk, honey, oats, herbs, salts and clay to help cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate and tone your skinThis means that soaps have a short list of ingredients, so that the user is aware of what their soap contains.

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3They do not contain chemicals and preservatives

Natural soap bars do not require chemical preservatives to stay fresh and effectiveIt should be clarified that not all condoms are harmful, but why not avoid them at once when you have the option?

Many of the commercial bars by definition by the FDA do not meet the requirements to be considered as soaps since they are detergents with synthetic ingredientsFor this reason they use condoms in the formulas of their "beauty bars"Some of the most common preservatives in these commercial soaps and their fragrances used are among others:

  • Parabens : synthetic preservatives known to interfere with the production and release of hormones.
  • Phthalates : Another synthetic preservative that is carcinogenic and linked to reproductive effects (decreased sperm count, early breast development, birth defects), and liver and kidney damage.

The daily use of natural soaps benefits both the skin, health and our ecosystemRemember that just as chemicals affect our health, they also affect water bodies and the environment, resulting in adverse damage to marine plants and species.

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4Contain Natural Fragrances

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) explains: 1

"When you see the word 'fragrance' on the label of a personal care product, think of it as a 'hidden product'A major loophole in federal FDA law allows manufacturers of products like shampoo, lotion, and bath soap to include almost any ingredient in their products under the name of 'fragrance' without having to list the chemical.

Companies that make personal care products are required by law to list the ingredients they use, but fragrances and secret formulas are exempt. "

  • 1, 5 Environmental Working Group December 6, 2007
  • The use of natural products and ingredients and their minimal processing contribute to the retention of natural aromasOrganic essential oils are safe fragrances that are 100 percent naturalThis includes essential oils and extracts that come from botanical ingredients like flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, leaves, wood, and other natural raw materials.

    Because of this, there is no need to use chemical fragrances or perfumes.

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    5They have a lower carbon footprint and no more empty bottles

    Using local ingredients, local labor, and making small batches helps reduce the carbon footprint in these bar soapsThey do not require as much fuel, transport or use of other resources that can harm the environmentAvoiding is even better than recyclingAvoiding products with excessive packaging is the first step to lead a conscious lifestyleThis also means you don't pay for expensive packaging.

    Fish, seabirds, sea turtles, and marine mammals can become entangled in or ingest plastic debris, causing suffocation, weakness, and drowning.

    Plastic waste kills up to a million seabirds a yearWhen these animals ingest plastic by mistake, it takes away space in their stomachs and they die of malnutrition and / or famine.

    Different Soap types

    6They serve multiple purposes

    You have probably heard how a single ingredient such as coconut oil or aloe vera provides multiple benefits for the skin, and your health.For this reason, natural handmade soaps serve multiple purposes such as hydrating, exfoliating, firming and detoxifying the skin, among many others.

    If you have ever had the opportunity to touch or smell handmade soap or perhaps have visited a place where they are sold, you will be amazed at their aromaThey smell delicious and even make you want to eat! This is because they are made with natural ingredients that are good for your health.

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    7You support a local business

    Finally, you support a local business! Mercado Boricua promotes family and local companies and your purchase makes the differenceAll the soaps we offer in our market are created, cut and packed by hand with the best ingredients in a process that involves care, love and dedication so that you enjoy healthy, silky and shiny skin.

    Is your soap really soap or is it a detergent?

    After knowing why Natural bar soaps are better, I'm sure you won't see any commercial bar soap the same way!

    It is very important that we take this issue seriously as it can have a long-term impact on our health.


    Check out our wide range of natural bar soaps.

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