Gift Guide:Ideas to Celebrate Dad news

Gift Guide:Ideas to Celebrate Dad


¿You don't know what to give dad this Father's Day?

Whether he's your best friend or unconditional support, it's time to send him gifts for how wonderful he is! Check out our favorites for Dad this Father's Day ....


Papa Cola'o

The coffee lover enjoys the excellence of a coffee to his taste, while caffeine is a secondary benefit. What's more, he's almost immune to it! Because it is unthinkable to start the day without your cup of coffee, let's celebrate Papa, celebrating what Papa loves.

one. Coffee soap - Made with top quality local coffee, you will enjoy the benefits of coffee even in the bathroom.two.Prieto y Puya T-shirt - Surprise him with a t-shirt that celebrates his favorite drink.3.Ceramic mug - An ideal piece that will highlight the perfection of your coffee.4.Greca's sticker - So you can take your love of coffee wherever you want.Regalos para papa: amante del café


Patriot Dad

It may seem rude but its strength stems from the intention of leaving a better place for future generations. Who truly knows him knows that he has a big heart. Because his values are unwavering, let's celebrate Dad by supporting his fight.

5.Viva la Patria T-shirt - Celebrate your national love with this shirt!6.Handmade leather strap - Versatile and durable for Dad to keep his pants on.7.Heroes and Heroines T-shirt - Inspire your days with this shirt by Maestro Albizu Campos8.Black Mask - Protected above all with this classic and utilitarian mask.9.Activated Carbon Soap - Keep it active with this soap that helps to extract toxins and hydrate the skin.

Guia de regalos dia de los padres 2020 - Papa apasionado

Caribbean Dad

Relaxed and charismatic but serious when it comes to playing dominos. He loves the family atmosphere and keeping a good mood. Because he has music inside, let's celebrate Dad because he inspires us.

10. Portable domino table - Beach, pool or park you can take the game wherever you go!eleven.Wepa T-shirt! - Surprise him with this t-shirt that reflects his happy spirit.12.Ceramic Mug- Because a cup doesn't have to be just for coffee. Shhh!13.Leather Keychain - So you don't lose your keys before going for a walk.14.Leather Bracelets - His relaxed style does not go out of style.


Ancestral Dad

Adventurer and lover of life abroad. Who knows him knows that he admires and respects the ancestral roots and is intrigued to know more. Because nature fills him with life and history captivates him, let's celebrate Dad for being a noble soul of a brave race.

fifteen. Indigenous Petroglyphs Book - Feed your curiosity with this excellent book about our Taíno symbols.16.Coquí Taíno T-shirt - Inspire it with one of the most recognized symbols of our Taino culture.17.Leather Wallet - So you can take your roots wherever you go.18. Borikén T-shirt - So you can carry ancient art on your chest!19. Tres Picachos T-shirt - Transport your adventurous spirit to the Jayuya Highland.

Guia de regalos: Dia del padre 2020

Dad boricua

Proud of its roots no matter where you are. Its culture, its island and its flag inspire him to fight daily. Because no matter where you are, never forget where you came from, let's celebrate Dad for his recilience.

twenty.Leather Keychain - So you have your island close even in the distance.twenty-one.Ceramic mug - A 100 handmade mug that you will love. 22.Coquí Flag T-shirt - Surprise him by celebrating his roots.2. 3.Coquí Flag Sticker - So that the world knows that it is Boricua24.Coconut soap - Transport it to the Caribbean only with the aroma.

Guia de regalos: Padres 2020


Here are some gift ideas to get carried away. Dad es friend, brother, husband, partner, son and much more. Fill your day with details that represent you. Remember, when you give away local, you give away double because you directly support an artisan family!


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