Julio: Mes del Artesano Puertorriqueño

July: Month of the Puerto Rican Artisan

The Month of the Puerto Rican Artisan is celebrated every year in July. This is a month in which the work of each and every one of the artisans who not only bring bread home every day, but also educate, inspire others to create and keep our Puerto Rican culture alive is commemorated.

The craftsman is a person whose work is related to all those tasks of transformation of the raw material. The craftsman stands out for his great creativity in making unique decorative, utilitarian and religious objects.

Crafts are the means where the cultural values ​​of a people are preserved and reflected. Through the authentic, original and unique work of the artisans, each handcrafted piece reflects the revival of past times that preserve our culture. In addition to contributing to the cultural heritage, crafts are also very important for the economy of a town. Both inside and outside Puerto Rico, the products of our artisans are one of the best means of promotion for our Island, since it promotes jobs, helps artisans financially, and makes our culture known inside and outside the Island. The Legislative Assembly deems it meritorious to declare the month of July as "Month of the Puerto Rican Artisan", with the purpose of annually commemorating the work of our artisans, helping to preserve our artisan tradition.

This is the explanatory statement for Law No. 257 of August 26, 1998 to declare the month of July as "Month of the Puerto Rican Artisan."

In the Month of the Puerto Rican Artisan, a number of activities related to crafts are carried out. Craft fairs and festivals are very traditional activities where you can buy a wide variety of products and very creative craft creations.

It is also very common to hold workshops facilitated by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) in which those who wish can attend them and learn craft techniques.

At Mercado Boricua, it recognizes the work and cultural importance and celebrates artisans, all year long providing physical and online space for artisans so they can exhibit their creations. We make our platform accessible so that you can easily and safely acquire incredible pieces created by Puerto Rican artisans. And so celebrate with us creativity and Boricua culture throughout the year!

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