¿Por qué es tan importante que los premios para perros sean saludables?

Why is it so important that dog treats are healthy?

Why is it so important that dog treats are healthy?

As a dog owner, you love to give your four-legged friend a treat from time to time. However, it is very important that your dog receive treats that are healthy. After all, what is the use of offering him a well-balanced meal if you later spoil him with treats that are harmful to his health? Healthy treats help your pet live a long and happy life!

What is a healthy treat?

Anyone who owns a dog knows how important treats are. Not only because they help a lot in training, but because they also help forge a bond between the owner and the pet. Giving the dog a deserved treat is a loving gesture that they truly appreciate.

Given the importance that treats have in a dog's diet, it is vital that we make sure that they do not have a negative effect on their health. Too many unhealthy "treats" can cause obesity, health problems and a poorer quality of life.

So what should a healthy treat have?

  • natural ingredients
  • No added sugars and no chemical additives
  • Simple ingredients so you always know what you're giving your dog
  • Prizes made in a healthy way. Foods baked slowly and at low temperatures that better preserve the quality of nutrients.

Our delicious prizes cover all parameters

healthy amount per day

Even for the healthiest, rewards cannot replace a balanced diet in the long term. On the contrary, treats should be considered for what they are: a supplement to your dog's daily diet. It's the doggy equivalent of eating a little piece of chocolate after dinner.

The number of treats should never exceed 5-10% of the calories your dog consumes. We advise you to keep track of the prizes you give your dog, because it is easy to give more than the recommended amount.

golden retriever training

A prize for every moment

At Mercado Boricua we believe that healthy cookies are the best option. For this reason, we have available treats that dogs love and do not negatively affect their health. Our range of products includes the perfect prizes for any everyday moment. Thus, as a "dog parent", you can give your four-legged child a little more love and attention.

  • Are you looking for a way to tell your dog how much you love him? Chicken biscuits are the ideal solution.
  • Do you need a little more energy for your adventures? These Peanut Cookies are perfect so that your dog does not lack strength if dinner is going to be a little late. They are very easy to carry while you walk with your four-legged friend.
  • Do you want your dog to know that you are proud of him? Salmon Carrot Bites are the perfect treat and training tool!

* TIP: Divide them into small pieces to keep your dog fit, they are tasty enough to use as treats.

brown labrador eating treat

A healthy prize to reward the dog of your life.

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