TOP 10 Regalos Boricuas para Papá en el 2022

TOP 10 Boricua Gifts for Dad in 2022

Find a Father's Day gift that's perfect for him, no matter what dad likes, from unique gifts to everyday essentials.

Are you looking for an extra special way to celebrate the dads in your life? Check out this list of unique Boricua gift ideas for Father's Day and get inspired.

He may be papa, papi, pa' or abuelo for you, but no matter what you call the father figure in your life, one thing is certain: there is no one who does things like him. From his signature dad jokes (admit it, you love them) to the way he sports his trusty style, he lives life by his own rules and inspires you to do the same. Which means a generic gift just won't cut it! That's why we've rounded up some of the best local Father's Day gifts. Here we share 10 favorite Local Gifts for Dad in 2022

1. Handmade Leather Dad Leash

SHOP: Puro Cuero Handcrafted Leather Strap , starting at $30

Belts are a classic piece in every man's closet. These pieces are basic and very durable so that Dad can stand out wherever he goes with a piece that he can use every day.

2. Bottle Openers for Him

SHOP: Mercado Boricua Message Bottle Opener , starting at $15

Some dads dream of opening their own bar, and until they do, they take pride in their personal five-star bar. Gift him this bottle opener with a cute message so he can wow guests and live out his bartending fantasy when he pours himself a cold beer.

3. The best Boricua Coffee for Dad

SHOP: Castañer Supremo Arabica Coffee from Puerto Rico , starting at $15

No matter where he goes, he can't live without his coffee. Give him Premium Coffee so that dad can delight his palate with 100% Boricua coffee and have all the energy he needs to continue being as wonderful as ever.

4. Hand Painted Cap for the Beach Dad.

SHOP: Folch Coquí Taíno Hand Painted Cap , starting at $15

For those sunny days at the beach, a cap can protect you from the sun's rays. And what better way to celebrate Dad's love of all things marine than with this perfectly hand-painted adjustable cap. I mean! there's no way you can't be the coolest Dad with a one-of-a-kind piece. For sure this will be his favorite cap.

5. Crystal glass for the best dad in the world.

BUY: Crystal glass best dad in the world of Boricua Market , from $8

A prankster, a provider, a friend. You can call your dad a lot of things, but you can't call him a man of few words. So, before he clears his throat and launches into his next toast, give him a glass that deserves the occasion and crown him with the best title he can bear "The Best Dad in the World", we assure you that pride will come out of his arms. pores.

6. "Fuck It Soft" T-shirt

SHOP: T-shirt Cójelo Suave by Joaking , from $18

If what Dad likes is to be relaxed and calm, this is the perfect shirt for him. And if he's one of those dads who's always up to something, encourage him to relax with this t-shirt.

7. Engraved Key Organizer for Dad.

SHOP: Colmel Wooden Key Organizer , starting at $30

A key organizer is more than essential in the home and office! To make lost keys a thing of the past, save Dad time and frustration with a key caddy so he can spend time together as a family.

8. Modern Fanny Bag for Dad

BUY: Fanny Pack Ruta de Zigzag Brand , starting at $40

Give him an 'update' in Dad's style and keep him up to date with the trends. This super spacious and resistant Fanny bag is perfect for the Sunday walk and for those vacations that you already have planned.

9. Necklaces in Native Wood and Resin for him

SHOP: Reflejos Black Line necklaces in wood and resin , starting at $15

Each of these necklaces are as unique as Dad! They are made entirely by hand with native wood cuts integrated with resin. Each one as unique and special as Dad is. It is a detail that you will surely love.

10. Handmade Shaving Soap

SHOP: Handmade shaving soap from Caribbean Soaps, from $15

Last but not less important. Give him a well-deserved dose of personal care by adding this wonderful shaving soap to your gift. Protects skin from 'Razor Burn' by softening hair before shaving and fighting impurities to prevent itching and rashes after shaving. daddy will thank you

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