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Eucalyptol - Decongestant Spray - Helps Breathing

Eucalyptol - Decongestant Spray - Helps Breathing

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This decongestant spray formulated with 8 essential oils has a eucalyptus base for an awakening, refreshing and calming effect. Camphor provides an additional effect similar to menthol. Pine also contributes to its fresh and open qualities.

To breathe again, simply spray on a tissue, cover your mouth and nose, and inhale as much as you can. You can also just spray around it and breathe in that eucalyptus and pine scent.It can also be sprayed on the pillow for a peaceful rest.

Eucalyptol is designed to help you breathe better by clearing your airways and refreshing the air. It kills the germs around you and offers you a cloud of protection during cold and flu season.

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