Wepa! Graphic T-shirt

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Puerto Rican roots stand out in this soft short-sleeved T-shirt. A smooth silkscreen print stands out on this premium T-shirt.d.

Made of 50 Polyester 37 Cotton 13 Rayon for extra softness and comfort. This lightweight Tri-Blend prevents shrinkage during washing and absorbs moisture for hot days. His style and design will be enough reasons for this to be one of his favorite t-shirts. Without a doubt, a perfect piece for your T-shirt

About the Design:

If you are Boricua shout Wepa! Our design is inspired by one of the most popular phrases that every Puerto Rican recognizes "WEPA!" It is one of our most used greetings and phrases. This design rescues that traditional phrase to keep it alive in a modern design that identifies us and unites us no matter where we are.

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